Pink letter set

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FITS ALL OUR SIZES- ¾ Inch letters are made for the 10” x 10” size, but also work for the larger sizes of our letter boards. This fun Pink color is fun to mix with the original letter color. It looks great against our Black, Gray and White felt boards. Letters come in sheets and require dis-assembly.


TONS OF LETTERS- Characters include #, ?, @, &, * and tons of letters, numbers and other punctuation. There are 150 Pink characters included. Plenty for tons of sayings. #RetrogramBoards


DURABLE SINGLE TAB PLASTIC- On the back of each character is a very durable single tab that will fit perfectly into felt groove of Retrogram Letter boards. They have been manufactured using the latest technology to ensure they will last. Due to its smart single tab design, they will also work for most other letter board brands. If you have any issues, contact us, we will PERSONALLY make it right.


GUARANTEED QUALITY- Every Retrogram Board is PERSONALLY and individually inspected by our 4 person Arizona based Family team. Don’t be tricked by gimmicks. We stand behind our product, period.


FUN FUN FUN – Our customers can’t stop talking about how much they LOVE our boards. Just read our reviews. They are fun for the whole family. They are also a great gift idea for just about everyone including Photographers, IG and Pinterest Influencers and even Mommy Bloggers. Buy Yours Today.